Hyb8001r has high biomass and good artemisinin content and is suited to most growing environments; it is a robust crop which establishes quickly in the field.

Hyb8001r was trialled at 13 independent sites in China, India, Madagascar and Uganda: data for artemisinin concentration, dry leaf weight and yield was obtained from each site. The maximum concentration observed was 1.44% (Madagascar), maximum leaf dry weight 4488 kg/ha (China) and maximum yield obtained 54.5 kg/ha (Madagascar).

Independent trials reported in a publication by Suberu et al., indicated that Hyb8001r had the best metabolite profile of all the varieties examined.

Suberu, J., Gromski, P.S., Nordon, A., Lapkin, A. (2016). Multivariate data analysis and metabolic profiling of artemisinin and related compounds in high yielding varieties of Artemisia annua field-grown in Madagascar. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 117, 522-531
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